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Dear Guests and Brazil-friends

Spend a pleasant vacation in our holiday resort and experience Brazil's breathtaking nature and culture! The Casa Blanca resort is the ideal place to discover the beautiful treasures of Brazil.

There are only few travel destinations that offer this wide range of beautiful nature, culture and folk festivals as Brazil does. Let yourself be fascinated by a tropical trip to Pernambuco. It is not only the perfect weather of the region that attracts numerous tourists each year- the cultural folk festivals also offer an unforgettable entertainment to visitors.

The Brazilian province of Pernambuco is particularly striking due to its paradise-like beaches and gorgeous waterfalls: A nature-landscape of unseen magnitude. The former capital city Olinda and today's capital city Recife offer fantastic cultural buildings of the colonial era. Chapels, rich of detail and other historical monuments shape the beautiful cities of Pernambuco. Apart from these numerous ancient Portuguese buildings there are Old Dutch architectures, reminding of the Dutch regime of the early 17th century. > Find out more about Pernambuco